The starting point for ensuring your development workstream produces value is a healthy Product Backlog.

So what makes a healthy Product Backlog. Here are a FEW things I work with:

  • The Vision – Why, Who, What (ideas). 
  • An understanding of Customer Value, Knowledge Value, Size, and Cost.
  • In terms of priorities, use MoSCoW. The order could reflect the “80-20” rule. 
  • Limited “Work in Progress” (Say No) – Do we have to write code to fix this business problem? There are always more ideas than the capacity to build.
  • What’s going into the backlog and what’s coming out? Input < Output (ideally) = Better Quality . 
  • Reduced unnecessary details around the stories. Aim for 0.5 days min and 3 days max
  • Groomed weekly 1 hour per week – PO,BA,QA, Dev Lead. Separate from Sprint planning with the full team.
  • Stories at the top have acceptance criteria and are ready to be pulled.
  • Stories at the bottom are flexible (scope-wise), room to mature.
  • Stories are not older than 6 months.

What did I miss? I will keep updating this.