The Vision should guide everyone involved on the team in making the project a success.

I use a Vision board that consists of key things to understand and remember during product development or delivery.

Lots of good and bad ideas pop up between ideation to delivery and the Vision documented helps the team focus on the bigger picture and reminds them of what was set out to achieve. The Vision should be specific on the desired benefits for the business and value of the product to the customer.

For example:

  • Whilst an Airline sells more tickets, the customers are buying a vacation experience.
  • Whilst a Bank sells more mortgages, the customers are buying their dream home.

In essence, what are the expected outcomes on both sides?

I would prefer to map out a vision before organising a discovery workshop, at least thinking through the format or the initial template. I would then collaborate with key stakeholders to fill in the gaps. In summary, start with a vision and use it to decide which requirements should be part of your rollout.

Download SlideĀ vision_board