Product Development

Measuring Customer Value

Within Product development we often talk about delivering value, but what specifically are we referring to? Value does have multiple interpretations depending on context. However this is usually Business or Customer value. Focusing on the subject of Customer value, 2 […]

Product Development

Healthy Product Backlog

The starting point for ensuring your development workstream produces value is a healthy Product Backlog. So what makes a healthy Product Backlog. Here are a FEW things I work with: The Vision – Why, Who, What (ideas).  An understanding of Customer […]


Deliver Lean, Deliver Fast

Use Minimum Marketable Products (MMP) to plan your rollout. Understand vision. Think Customer value. Plan by goals less by features. Needs Shared Focus Needs a cross functional team – Direction > Detail > Design > Delivery. Deliver value, not technology. How will […]


Using a Vision Board

The Vision should guide everyone involved on the team in making the project a success. I use a Vision board that consists of key things to understand and remember during product development or delivery. Lots of good and bad ideas […]

Team Optimisation

Pull Your Kaizen

Being in a Leadership role within a complex environment, I focus on enabling an environment that improves people’s capabilities, better engaging them in the work they do, nurturing their talents and developing strengths to generate the results. Complex environments require […]


Tools: Roman’s Product Canvas

Roman’s Product Canvas is a tool I came across in 2012. Very nice for communicating and visualising the Big Picture. Maybe epic and theme level deliverables or maybe iteration goals (next version). You always want to map down ideas quickly […]